It’s natural for the permanent bacteria on our teeth to build up over time and cause gum disease. Known also as periodontal disease, this build up of plaque causes the decline of tissues and bones in the mouth.

Gum disease causes a wide number of oral problems such an unsavoury taste in the mouth, halitosis (bad breath), toothache and swollen and bleeding gums. Sometimes difficult to diagnose, untreated gum disease can eventually lead to tooth loss and other worrying symptoms.

Offering careful periodontal, root planing and scale and polish treatments, our hygienist services at Killaloe Dental help you to achieve full oral health. Mindful of the patient’s dental history, we incorporate each person’s full dental requirements into our range of gentle hygienist services.

Appointments are every half hour and are available through lunchtime. The last appointment is at 5.00pm.